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ROMAYNE SHAY McMAHON , Proprietor of  VERONIQUE'S ANTIQUES, has been offering Personal Property Appraisals for over 40 years.

Our clients are not only Home Owners and Apartment Dwellers – but also Attorneys, Trust Officers of Banks, County Recorders of Wills, Insurance Agencies , Estate Managers and other individuals.

APPRAISERS are essential and required for insurance purposes, donations, bank collateral contracts, divorce settlements and estate tax determination – along with division of personal property.  Casualty Loss must also be considered.

We recognize and identify the true value of a diverse assortment of PERSONAL PROPERTY such as ANTIQUES and COLLECTIBLES -  Household goods, musical instruments, fine art, jewelry, furs, etcetera.

PERSONAL PROPERTY requires an appraisal so that items  are placed onto a separate folder, which is then attached to your Homeowner's insurance policy.  The term 'FLOATER” means that the protection FLOATS with the property, allowing the policy holder to collect if the property is loast away from home. 

Keeping current with inflation and fluctuations in the market place is advisable as certain items can jump drastically in price from year to year.

A formal appraisal consists of a detailed description of each article – that is;  age, measurements significant markings, condition and provenance – if known and proven. This information will then protect your possessions once it is insured.


Surprisingly – there is no licensing or certification in this profession, so anyone can call themselves an appraiser.

Get recommendations from your insurance broker, bankers, attorneys or friends who had appraisals done.

Appraisers are prohibited by law from basing their fee on a percentage of the appraisal value of your goods, for the obvious temptation to overvalue items in order to increase their fee.   This law went into effect with the Tax Act Reform of 1986.  As an Accountant,  qualified to perform appraisals to be used for charitable donations, she was schooled in this Tax  Reform in
Washington, D. C. at that time.

Contact us for free estimates on repairs for your antiques, in addition to personal property appraisal for your antique items.